At it’s core ThisWay has always been known as an AI company but in truth that is only part of the story. Having had a background in the design and development of cities, buildings and companies, our founder has never shied away from complex problems that called for thoughtful and equitable solutions. 

The ‘job to candidate matching’ problem is uniquely challenging in that it sounds more simple than it truly is. At ThisWay, after 15.5 trillion matching events, this solution is a reality.

Many companies, including some of the largest and most innovative companies in the world have attempted to solve the matching problem but have failed.  We have been successful due to a lasting commitment to remove bias from this process. Bias removal, while the right and fair thing to do, also delivers qualified candidates that have been overlooked, due to both human and data inputs.

Why did we take this approach?

Our company founder entered into the construction industry as a field engineer in the 90’s and has been a military spouse for nearly 30 years. Her own personal experiences gave her insight into how important bias removal would be, but none of this would be possible without a world class team.

ThisWay Today

ThisWay’s team now includes AI and HR industry experts from some of the best companies in the world, all leveraging their passion and commitment towards providing companies with quality matching.


The visionary

Angela Hood

Angela Hood, a serial entrepreneur from Austin, Texas, founded ThisWay Global after three years of research and incubation in the UK at ideaSpace-the University of Cambridge.

Now operating across the world, our solution to the global recruitment and retention problem combines diverse technologies with our proprietary Match-ic machine learning algorithm. This results in recruiting and retaining better people, more diversity, and improved teams. Angela is a business leader in her field and often speaks at events on human capital and diversity for startups, technology, enterprise, and entrepreneurship.