We're proud to announce that Work ThisWay Beta has officially launched.

ThisWay Global And Maslo Partner To Launch WorkThisWay And Career Companion For Job Seeker Relief

Both companies come together to offer the first-ever job matching site with the assistance of an empathetic computing companion and give millions the support they need now more than ever.

LOS ANGELES, April 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Award-winning HR tech startup ThisWay and fellow category defining AI startup Maslo today announced a partnership to launch the first job-matching resource, WorkThisWay, with Maslo-powered Career Companion, offering empathetic, AI-enhanced emotional support in the form of everyday check ins, resume building, job search reminders and more to ensure millions feel supported during these unprecedented economic times. WorkThisWay is now available for job matching, and registrants will receive first access to Career Companion once available for download in mid-May.

WorkThisWay can be used by employers and job seekers to use on their phone or web browsers for free, in part thanks to a $100,000 contribution of cloud costs from Amazon Web Services. The technology analyzes registered job seekers’ details and sources jobs for applicants from one of more than 3,000 ThisWay partners to identify the best job matches. Uniquely, users will also have the option to access the Career Companion app to receive support, tips and feedback that help navigate the job application process. Career Companion aids the social-emotional resilience and development of workers by giving users the ability to:

  • Check in with voice journaling to share thoughts and feelings related to finding work
  • Receive personalized advice, encouragement and feedback
  • Track moods and notice thematic trends in job searches
  • Connect users with a human coach for additional support
  • Sort through applications to ensure the best candidates are not overlooked (for HR professionals and recruiters)

“Our companies have come together to reimagine the job application process through our emotive technology, rooted in data and not based on assumptions, so that people can feel less isolated with each interaction and find the right career opportunity for themselves with confidence,” said Ross Ingram, CEO and cofounder of Maslo. “As people navigate the complexities of employment during COVID-19, we’re proud to team up with ThisWay Global and support everyone in these unprecedented times through the power of empathetic computing.”

Since launching in 2016, ThisWay Global and it’s employer-facing product, Ai4Jobs has made 15.5 trillion matches for job candidates and is trained to understand approximately 48,000 different job types. The company, based in Austin, Texas, was named Innovation of the Year at the 2019 HR Technology Conference and Expo by the Society of Human Resources Management and is now available inside multiple ATS systems and on Salesforce.

“Getting people at all career levels back to work quickly so they can care for themselves and their families is one of the most important challenges to solve for our economy,” said Angela Hood, Founder and CEO of ThisWay Global. “We are fortunate to have technology built to solve this problem at scale, and partnering with Maslo infuses our solution with humanistic qualities we all want and need.” 

Interested job seekers can visit WorkThisWay’s website today to immediately begin job matching and receive first access to download Career Companion, which will be available to download in the coming weeks. Career Companion will also be available via mobile device for those who may not have access to a computer or requiremore accessibility through voice control. Employers interested in listing jobs should reach out to contact@thiswayglobal.com or visit the website.

About ThisWay Global

Following years of research and incubation at ideaSpace – University of Cambridge, founder and CEO, Angela Hood launched venture capital-backed ThisWay Global.  Their technology now serves some of the most innovative and largest companies and governments in the world.  They are renowned for their ability to quickly deliver diverse, qualified candidates without bias. ThisWay’s unbiased matching technology can now be embraced by all industries for all job types. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, the ThisWay team is committed to delivering recruitment solutions to all. Learn more about ThisWay Global at TwitterFacebookLinkedIn.

About Maslo

Since 2018, Maslo has created tech that cares about people. We work by partnering with companies that can use the platform to engage their clients more powerfully. Our vision is for Maslo to power a world in which empathetic computing helps us understand ourselves to live creatively and fully whatever that means for each person. Following the launch of Dream Journal in 2018 and Maslo Coach for executive-level coaching, Maslo is continuously pushing for ways to integrate the benefits of AI-powered, empathetic computing into daily tasks for the benefit of human empathy. To learn more about Maslo, visit their website, as well as Twitter and Instagram.


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