Why Ai4JOBS?

While many companies embrace AI matching, most do so in suboptimal ways. Ai4JOBS offers a multifaceted solution for Talent Acquisition.

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True Unbiased Matching

At ThisWay, our mission has always been to surface diverse, qualified candidates. 

How Is Ai4JOBS Different?

We taught the Ai4JOBS matching engine through 15 trillion matching events with no human influence , so you can instantly benefit from a diverse talent pool.

what is unconscious bias?

Unconscious bias, also known as implicit bias, are the underlying attitudes and stereotypes that people unknowingly attribute to another person or group of people. In recruitment, a prominent area where these bias can surface is during the resume review process.

How Is Ai4JOBS Different?

We taught the Ai4JOBS matching engine through 15 trillion matching events with no human influence , so you can instantly benefit from a diverse talent pool.

Conformity Bias: Hiring decisions are likely to be influenced if the majority of a group is leaning towards/away from a certain candidate.

Gender Bias: Gender bias stems from beliefs of gender roles and stereotypes. We may believe a candidate is more capable of their job because of their gender and not their skillset.

Affinity bias: If a candidate went to the same school or comes from the same hometown, we may feel a natural affinity to them. This bias places too much emphasis on factors that are not relevant to hiring decisions.

Attribution Bias: This applies when assessing other people. When it comes to assessing their achievements, we believe luck is a factor and minimize their efforts and contributions.

Halo Effect: If a candidate worked at a particularly affluent company, we may put them on a pedestal for that one thing alone.

Horns Effect: The opposite of the halo effect, we may discover one undesired thing and have the rest of our judgement clouded.

Additional Features That puts Our Matching Above the rest

Enhanced Profile Views

Information plays a crucial role in successfully placing a candidate. That’s why we enrich all applicants profiles for a more comprehensive candidate overview.

Transferable Skills Analysis

Traditional recruiting processes relies heavily on candidates’ prior job titles. We analyze candidates’ entire work history and identify how their diverse experience and skillset can be a great match.

Scalable For Any Team

Ai4JOBS meets the needs of large enterprises, mid-sized companies, and small businesses. Our platform will deliver diverse, qualified results within seconds, whether 10 applicants or 10,000!

Prioritize Qualified Candidates

Whether in our easy-to-use interface or direct integrations to your ATS or CRM system, candidates are scored out of 5, so you can quickly identify who to contact first.

Maximize Your Talent Acquisition ROI

We’re aware that posting new jobs can be expensive. That’s why we give you the power to leverage the candidates already in your database!

All Jobs To All Candidates

On average, the cost per new hire is $4,129  (SHRM). Our matching engine will not only save you time identifying top talent, but it will help you rediscover past applicants that can be the perfect fit for your new job.

With our All Candidates to All Jobs functionality, you can rank and score candidates for jobs even if they didn’t directly apply! 

Find more qualified candidates with less effort

Greatly improve your time-to-fill with our direct integrations

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