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If you are looking to build a world-leading team and want a partner that understands how to do this for fast growing tech companies, look no further than ThisWay.  They know their stuff and have helped me find the best team and then complementing that team as the company changes over time.

As an HR professional, I am a team of one. While trying to effectively manage hundreds of resumes across several different job titles, the Ai4JOBS technology, which was integrated with me ATS was incredibly helpful.  It was like having an experienced assistant pull the most qualified candidates to the top of the list.  This saves me valuable hours that can be put toward scheduling interviews, which will speed up the hiring process and fill open positions sooner. Ai4JOBS is reasonably priced and highly effective.

The AI4Jobs tech integration into Greenhouse was absolutely flawless. The tool made it easy for us to group out the talent we were attracting to roles ranging from coordinator to director level. We have a lean team – so the tool was like an extra set of hands helping us get to the top talent that was waiting for us in our pipeline. No talent acquisition team should go without Ai4JOBS.

I’m not only a customer of ThisWay but I also prominently featured them in my book Hack Recruiting, due to their modern approach of removing bias in talent acquisition and sourcing. As an industry expert I have seen a lot of companies tackle the matching problem but Ai4JOBS is highly effective in both passive and active recruiting and gives their customers a competitive advantage that others don’t have I’ve really benefitted from partnering with them and will host one of my first book signings at their HR Tech booth this year.

ThisWay provides our team with insight and capabilities not otherwise found in the marketplace.

Their commitment to bias removal is a massive differentiator for our global customer base and their matching technology is far superior.

ThisWay’s technology consistently provides the US National Guard with significantly larger number of qualified candidates than any other vendor we have worked with.  Following their meeting 100% of contract requirements for the contracts in California, Virginia and Puerto Rico they have now established Proof of Past Performance for the upcoming 2020 US Federal Government contracts.

Working with ThisWay has opened up a completely different way to view hiring for our customers. ThisWay identifies relevant talent far better than others. Our strategy is much stronger now that we have their Ai matching technology.

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