3 Key Concepts of an Enjoyable Workplace Culture [Part 3]


Whether your company culture is more like the creatively propelled Warby Parker, the competitive-to-no-end nature of Amazon, or somewhere in between, there are a few common themes that can be found in companies that reap success from the culture they’ve established.

Some are easier to launch than others, but with the right team of people and enough patience, any company can develop the kind of culture they desire, and ThisWay Global can find the people that will fit perfectly.

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Introduction to Workplace Culture – It Makes A Difference [Part 1]

While the conversation surrounding workplace culture seems relatively new, it has been an important aspect of the workplace for as long as people have been working. It is the combination of the beliefs, traditions, values, assumptions, and behaviors of everyone who works within a given space. Think of it as the company’s vibe or personality, the attributes that make it attractive or repulsive (depending on the individual).

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