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Better Recruitment Starts With
Intelligent Matching​

Improve your current process with the Ai4JOBS features

Simplified Workflow

Our unbiased applicant matching engine is accessible through our easy-to-use user interface or with direct integration into your current ATS, CRM, or HCM Systems

Increased Applicant Sourcing ROI

Stop relying on job posts and only considering new applicants. Gain access to every candidate in your talent pool!

Improve Screening Efficiency

Reduce your human capital spend by automating initial resume screening so your recruiters can reach out to the best talent faster

Diversify Your Workforce

We've trained our AI to remove common conscious and unconscious bias when reviewing resumes so you surface a more diverse pool of qualified candidates.

Increase Your Talent Pool Diversity Today

Better Recruitment Starts With Intelligent Matching

Improve your current process with the Ai4JOBS features

ATS Integrations

Utilize Ai4JOBS in your ATS or CRM directly in order to improve your existing talent acquisition process. Work directly within your familiar interface with no excessive onboarding

Simplified Interface

Use with or without an ATS. Our interface was designed to make unbiased matching easier.

Candidate Discovery

Invest in your talent pipeline and gain access to 125 million US candidates.

Job Market Analytics

Plan out future recruiting strategies using Ai4JOBS interactive visualization of the U.S job market competitor information.

Find more qualified Applicants with less effort

Greatly improve your time-to-fill with our direct integrations

Start Improving Your Talent Acqusition In 30 Minutes Or Less