The Future of Work? (Post-COVID)

Once upon a time, people went to work. They rose early. Depending on their commute, or upon whatever wee hours of the morning their employers got things started, some would even beat the dawn’s early light by a long shot, rising as early as three or four a.m. (unless they worked a night shift). They … Read more

Holiday Gifts Diversity in 2020

Winter is here, and that means one thing – the holiday season is upon us. You can always buy traditional gifts like a new coffee mug for your favorite uncle or a sweater for your sister. This year, why not do something different and buy a unique gift that will also – make a difference … Read more

50 Cognitive Biases in the Modern World

Original Source: Visual Capitalist Cognitive biases are widely accepted as something that makes us human. Every day, systematic errors in our thought process impact the way we live and work. But in a world where everything we do is changing rapidly—from the way we store information to the way we watch TV—what really classifies as … Read more

10 Unique Recruiting Ideas to Win Top Talents

Attracting talented recruits is not a matter of chance. In today’s competitive job market, a killer recruitment strategy is a must. A lone job advertisement will no longer do the trick especially with the stiff competition for talent. In 2019, 69% of American employers reported difficulties in finding qualified candidates to fill open positions. Recruiters … Read more

Diary: Work ThisWay

March 6th: It’s not an accident that our office sits minutes away from the doors of one of the greatest tech events in the US, SXSW.  We had 8 days of events planned around SXSW, including significant business development opportunities with Deloitte, Texas A&M University, Army Futures Command and many more. I remember distinctly, we … Read more

Is Virtual Reality the Next Big Thing in Recruitment?

Is Virtual Reality the Next Big Thing in Recruitment?

Virtual Reality (VR) is rapidly evolving and becoming increasingly applicable to a wide range of industries, apart from traditional applications entertainment and gaming. According to a PewResearch Center’s report, the application of virtual reality to businesses will result in fewer limitations in collaboration and problem-solving. Furthermore, it can break down the barriers of time and … Read more

3 Key Concepts of an Enjoyable Workplace Culture [Part 3]


Whether your company culture is more like the creatively propelled Warby Parker, the competitive-to-no-end nature of Amazon, or somewhere in between, there are a few common themes that can be found in companies that reap success from the culture they’ve established.

Some are easier to launch than others, but with the right team of people and enough patience, any company can develop the kind of culture they desire, and ThisWay Global can find the people that will fit perfectly.

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