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Demystifying AI: Here’s What It Is—And What It Isn’t

Original Source: When it comes to AI, there’s a lot of noise out there, but very little clarity. These days, it’s hard to read …


How AI Is Transforming HR With More Sophisticated, Less Biased Recruiting

Original Source: Denise Power Intensifying competition for talent has employers turning to technology that finds answers humans can’t. Like with many other facets of …


Preventing human and AI bias when recruiting

Author: Victor Assad Source: Preventing human and AI bias when recruiting Many pundits and HR leaders are raising legitimate concerns about bias in Artificial Intelligence …


AI Is Not Just Hype, It’s Changing The Way Businesses Operate

If you’re an avid reader of Forbes, TechCrunch, and other tech publications, you’re probably tired of hearing about how AI and machine learning technologies are changing business. 

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Brandon Metcalf Joins ThisWay Global

ThisWay Global, the industry leader in AI matching technology, today announced that veteran technology and staffing executive Brandon Metcalf has joined the company as Chief Strategy Officer.


Top 7 Trade Careers that Don’t Require a Degree

Are you preparing to take the next step after leaving school? Going to university is a great opportunity, however it’s not the right choice for everyone.