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8 questions an interviewer should ask every candidate

When it comes to interviewing candidates, it’s just as important for HR professionals and business owners to prepare as it is for candidates. If you …


3 steps for a better pre-interview process

On average, a corporate job posting will attract 250 applicants, but as millions of Americans are left without work, post-COVID-19 corporations are suddenly receiving thousands …


The Importance of Talent Acquisition and How It Differs from Recruitment

Anyone involved in high-level decision making within a company is familiar with the process of recruiting new talent. While recruitment can be painstaking, a solid …


Should you hire for “job fit” or “culture fit”?

In a perfect world, the process of recruiting people for any given position would be very simple. All the candidates applying for a given position …


10 skills every recruiter should be improving

In a competitive job market, finding and placing top talent is important for many industries. For people seeking how to become a good recruiter, success …

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If post-coronavirus hiring practices don’t change, it will be devastating for many workers being laid off now

Original Source: MarketWatch The COVID-19 pandemic and associated economic challenges have made issues of life, death and survival front and center. At some point, though, …