WBENC Capability Statement Tips

Each attending business, whether certified or not, should develop their Capability Statement. This document shares your firm’s capability in a two-page document that generally includes the following details:

13 Requirements For Capability Statements

  1. Company Logo: Image
  2. Business and DBA Name
  3. What you do: clear statement of what you do, in plain language, not jargon
  4. Value proposition: very brief or tag line
  5. Certification logos: WBENC, WOSB, HUB and any others
  6. Customer logos: ideally those that are also part of WBENC
  7. Partnership logos: if this is pertinent to your value proposition
  8. Where you operate: City, State(s), National, International, be specific
  9. How you operate: are you a product, service, technology, etc.
  10. If you have multiple products or services, provide one sentence about each.
  11. NAICS Codes: the number + the category description (SIC Codes aren’t required).
  12. Dun & Bradstreet Number: it’s simple to acquire online
  13. Contact details: name, email, phone and city, state, but address is not required.

Click here for the perfect WBENC Capability Statement Example!

Here is what every female startup founder needs to know about being a certified women owned business.

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