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What Drives Us

Candidates turn in electronic applications to a seemingly bottomless abyss while employers struggle to sort through mountains of files, overlooking up to 65% of resumes in high-volume roles. While many companies embrace AI in recruitment, most do so in suboptimal ways which introduces hiring bias. We are here to change that.

About Us

Through her personal experience working in a male-dominated industry, Angela Hood, ThisWay CEO and Founder, saw firsthand the importance of bias removal to deliver more qualified candidates and benefit from a diverse workforce. Through years of incubation and 15 trillion matching events, unbiased matching technology can now be embraced by all industries. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, the ThisWay team is committed to providing recruitment solutions to all.

Meet The Team

Angela Hood
Alex Shmelev
Chief Of Technology
Bill Fanning
Chief Revenue Officer
Justin Hood
COO & Data Protection
Department Heads
Crystal Zilliox
Head of Product
Daniel Snell
Head of Engineering
Rob Arndt
Head of Enterprise Sales
Victoria Leigh
Product Owner
Gabriela Martinez
Design Lead
Matt Hofacker
Marketing Manager
Chief Happiness Officer
Asst. Happiness Officer

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